How To Turn A Power Outage Into A Great Day

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Are you often stuck waiting for the power to turn back on, stressed, hungry and upset? What if I told you that you could have an amazing day with no power at all? Yeah, that just happened. You might be thinking, "how is that possible?", but with just a little bit of effort you can transform a miserable power outage into a great day full of fun and food!

Let’s start with one of the first things that are often hard to have with no power: food.

There’s a really easy shortcut that for cooking during a power outage, but it does require a grill. If you have a grill, you are pretty much set. In fact, we made a Pinterest board of simple meals you can make with a grill, just to make things easier for you.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a grill, we've got you covered with our Pinterest board full of simple easy recipes that don’t require cooking at all!

A great way to be prepared for a power outage is to make a power out food stash with food like jarred salsa, canned beans, and packaged foods like crackers or chips.

Having lived in the country for a while now, we have found that stocking up is particularly helpful, especially if you are far from the nearest grocery store.

Although food is important, water is one of the most important needs that the power can sometimes take away.

To fix this problem, buy four food safe water jugs at your local grocery store next shopping trip. When the weather starts getting rough you can fill all of them so if the power goes out, you have lots of water. 

If one of your neighbors still has power, you can also ask them if you can to refill your water jugs with their water.

Lets keep things clean.

Dishes can be a real problem when the power goes out because you can’t wash them and if the power is out long enough you might need to reuse them. To avoid this, stock up on paper plates and plastic utensils on your next shopping trip.

Let there be light!

A lot of times power outages don’t happen during the sunny hours of the day, making the need for light a must.

There are many options for this including candles, battery operated lights, and flashlights, but I recommend you try oil lamps. Oil lamps usually last a long time and can even be smoke free if you want. We tried oil lamps recently and really liked the results.

Now that you have food, water, the dishes, and light sorted, it’s time to have fun!

Playing group games can be a great way to pass the time and have lots of fun too! These can be board/card games or conversational games. 

Here is a list of five fun games you can play during a power outage:

This Or That

Would You Rather?

Most Likely To

Superlatives game

Guess The Song By The Chorus

You can also have a civil debate. This is a great homeschooling learning exercise. The only rule is to keep it civil, that means no fighting! I suggest you also add a time limit. You can either pick random factual topics or a random nonsensical topic to make it fun!

Now you are ready to turn that bad power outage into a fun day! I hope this list helps you and your family prepare and have fun on a day with no power. Be sure to let us know any other tips you might have for power outages in the comments below!

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