How To FLAVOR Water Kefir

How To FLAVOR Water Kefir

Isabelle's Water Kefir Series

Hello and welcome to part two of the Water Kefir Series, I am Isabelle and I will be your teacher and water kefir buddy in this series! Today I will be telling you how to flavor water kefir to make a healthy treat (that tastes almost too good to be healthy).

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How To Bottle And Flavor Water Kefir

  • Two 4 quarts of water kefir
  • Three tablespoons of fruit, tea, herbs or juice
  • First you will want to collect two four-quart mason jars or jars to bottle the kefir, a plastic strainer and a plastic funnel. If this is your second time straining be sure to get a third jar since the brews after the first one make a bit more since you leave a little of the kefir in with the grains (it can make a mess if you are not careful).
  • Strain your water kefir into jars, leaving a little space for the fruit or other natural flavors.
  • You can use fresh, frozen and canned fruit as well as teas. Dried herbs are a great way to add extra health benefit. I really love adding Rose petals with peaches (it is a family favorite here) or tea like loose-leaf mint.
  • Set aside flavored kefir for a day on the counter. The following day, put in fridge and enjoy once chilled.


I suggest you start with drinking one 8 oz glass a day max until you build up your tolerance as it is very probiotic and can cause you to detox if you drink too much, too fast. If you drink probiotic drinks all the time, feel free to have as much as you like.

TIP: Water kefir tastes best if you drink it within 2-3 days.

Share your water kefir creations with me by using the hashtag #5WildeWaterKefir and tagging me as I am always looking for fun and creatives new flavors!


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